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Rocket Thrust Masters
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Museum Thrust Display
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The Lonestar Flight Museum, an aviation museum in the greater Houston area, includes many interactive exhibits and is a common destination for educational trips for children ages K-12. One of these exhibits is the thrust display, designed to teach kids about the concept of rocket thrust. It contains a model “rocket” - which is actually just a plastic bottle - attached to an air compressor. The main issue with this design is that there is no way to control the amount of air dispensed by the compressor, meaning kids cannot adjust the thrust applied to the bottle as part of the interaction. Moreover, the object attached to the compressor often breaks due to frequent use and the forces applied to it during the demonstration. Our goal is to redesign this exhibit to give users more control over the thrust applied to the “rocket”, making it more functional, durable, and resistant to daily manipulation.
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Thursday, October 06, 2022
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