Pectus Reparatum

Cartilage Corrector


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2022-2023 Team
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Pectus Reparatum
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Cartilage Corrector
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Pectus carinatum (PC) and Pectus excavatum (PE) are conditions in which an individual is born with their breastbone protruding outwards (PC) or sunken into (PE) their chest. While there are solutions to treat these conditions, many patients post-treatment also suffer from rib flaring, a condition in which the lower ribs at the front of the rib cage protrude outwards. This condition is predominantly seen in adolescents ages 12-20 which can lead to a variety of mental health deficits due to their physical image, contributing to increased vulnerabilities to social exclusion, discrimination, educational difficulties, and physical ill-health. Our goal is to design a comfortable, low-profile brace for adolescents that effectively treats rib-flaring, while providing a minimum risk of injury. Our cartilage corrector will help free adolescents from the mental barriers caused by this condition.
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Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Bob and Lori Herlin Endowment for Design
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