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Club - Rice Flight
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SAE Aero Advanced Competition 2023
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This year, we are planning to compete in the SAE Aero Advanced Competition, which is a more advanced and multidisciplinary challenge than the DBF or SUAS Competitions we've done in the past. It involves flying a large (10 ft wingspan) 'primary aircraft' (PA), with a payload of water, on a short course, and deploying a very small (1 lb) plane to fly autonomously to a target on the ground. We have three flights, deploying 3 of these smaller planes, and the payloads of these smaller planes are the components of a ground rover which we build on the field–– it carries water from the PA through a short ground course to an endzone. SAE Aero Advanced requires teams to have a systems approach to project design while integrating several engineering disciplines: aeronautical, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers. The ultimate end goal for this class is a small scale version of a firefighting system.
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Friday, April 05, 2024
Rice Engineering Alumni, Rice Mechanical Engineering Department, Rice Center for Engineering Leadership, Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen, Rice Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Rice Computer Science Department.
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SAE Aero Advanced Competition, East Conference, 2024.
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